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Roma Khleb
  • Sasha Chaika

    A moment of beauty can last for a second, for a minute and for a year, nevertheless it is very short-lived. And I think I could like it for a second once. But now I am tired of it already.

  • Kristina Lerner

    I can’t avoid destruction. It seems to me to be one of the human features: to destroy and to renew. If you don’t destroy something in the proper time it will become stagnant and waste away one after another. The same situation is with good and bad people. There black and white in a man.

  • Anton Shebetko

    Reaction is different – from enmity to acceptance. But you can’t please everyone - I don’t photograph bears in pine forest.

  • Natalya Schlyahovaya

    Photoart is a reflection of changes and personal development and also a sociocultural experience in which you exist and replicate yourself. But it is more interesting to plunge your foot into a puddle.

  • Lisa Dedova

    It’s my way of cooperation with myself. Watching at just-made picture I can think over the things I felt at the moment that I have caught. Due to photography I understand myself better, I am aware of what is important for me and what is indifferent.

  • Ekaterina Smuraga

    The matter is the time runs so fast as someone crazy is striving for it. So most of all in photography I like the ability to freeze time.

  • Roman Mokrov

    I have taught myself to see so. Partly because I can’t live without irony and take everything seriously. I see at the angle. I turn out to be a “jolly cynic”. I see any situation from the outside.

  • Aleksey Ponomarchuk

    I would like to learn colour printing and put leg over neck.

  • Varvara Lozenko

    You need to think more, it’s not so easy. There’s a lot of senseless, inessential images that are often meaningless to a person who made them. This is what Roland Barthes called “excessive photography”. He died years ago but what would he say now at the time of Instagram?

  • Yana Romanova

    It is important regularly to be among like-minded people and to be torched by difficult questions, to be occasionally unbalanced and drawn out of your comfort zone – for you to become more sensitive to the world. And, certainly, it is important to have someone to discuss your work with.

  • Vadim Popov

    If I will accidently bump into a dementor from Azkaban, he would probably turn into forty years old Vadim. He will have lacklustre eyes, doing work that he doesn’t like. I couldn’t live like that.

  • Stas Kalashnikov

    Eventually I notice that my photographs are changing, for example, every month I delete half of what I did before. I constantly update something new and delete something too.

  • Olya Ivanova

    I like to photograph Russia. Here I can see a double bottom behind a picture, be nostalgic, laugh and feel pain in my heart. All my impressions here are absolutely personal and concern me.

  • Anna Danilova

    Every story about me will have a slight flavor of Russian cinematography melancholy. I don’t know if it’s me or a life that I’m living.

  • Dina lun

    Someone like bodies and faces more and I like plants, cactuses and fruits.

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