Daria Amarant

Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Is photography a hobby or an occupation for you?

I would say it is something bigger than both, probably, it is some feeling of yourself, some internal condition that could not be separated from self-awareness.

What did photography begin for you with?

Perhaps, it began with short-stories writing, then verbal images called for visual embodiment. So I got desire to create stills that contained the whole story similar to a dream. Key role, in my opinion, belongs to my love to cinema, painting and music. When everything coincided I had realized that it was only photography that could help me to express something important and it was photography that combined everything I was inspired with.

How would you define the genre of your works?

Artistic stills with spirit of cinematic, melancholy, unexplored memory, and undiscovered dreams. For me these are always fragments of imaginary reality with references to everything I am inspired with: music variations, particular movies, pictures and random (if they can be so) surrounding images.

Do you associate your photographs with music? If yes, what music do you associate your photographs with?

Often I can hardly select music that could match certain still, but music is very important for me, and if I choose genre I would prefer something from post-punk music – meditative minor melodies with deep voice.

Your photographs spirits transmit with colour, it is always different. Do you think over colour spectrum before shooting or find needed colour later, in the editing program.

As usual I try to find tints that most precisely comply with the image after the shooting. Also I stand in awe of b&w. I do like to keep pictures in monochrome variant. Earlier I did mostly like that, and then I found colour variations appeared to be also close to me.

Could you tell about shooting wardrobe? How do clothes get in there?

I have collected mini-wardrobe due to constant searches of clothes for shootings of different kinds. Often I ask a model if he or she has a variant needed for certain image. Very interesting clothes (including vintage, which is so needed often) can be found in second-hands so I often visit such shops.

Objects of your shootings are girls mostly. If they are your muses, where do you find them?

Yes, the model who embodies important desired image can be named a muse. Generally I find my model through social network, it is very convenient, and I am happy to have such an opportunity.

What things attract you most of all in a human: body, features?

I am interested in faces with fairy peculiarities (for example, freckles, quite thin constitution, beautiful hands, texturized profile, long hair with natural colour), in faces that plunge me into antiquity and Pre-Raphaelite paintings spirit, as well as “incorrect” non-standard faces. I also like impersonalized stills. They create some special feeling of unreality.

Is viewer's appreciation of your photographs important for you?

I think it is important for everybody who posts his or her photographs in various publics pages and social networks, though their attitude to appreciation may be indifferent. I know people who like my works and it is very important for me, though it is also valuable to get sincere pleasant feedback from any photographer whose works are close to me.

Has something changed since you had been published in vogue.it?

My first work was accepted there about year ago. PhotoVogue is a very inspirable event. This project helps to look at your works with a fresh eye first of all, and to get continuous inspiration.

What do you think if a photographer should get education and be an expert in arts?

I am sure that there is no such need. In this business another thing is important – internal feeling, some artistic intuition that exists by itself and conducts an artist, though there is also virtu which you should develop and nurture with all this beauty around you.

What are your visually-favorite movies?

I do like movies by Bergman and Lynch, and “Picnic at Hanging Rock” by Peter Weir seems to have affected series of my works, it has also inspired one of the series called “Frozen words”. Under the terms of contest I was to make photographs based on any movie, I had chosen “Picnic…” and had interpreted its appearance while saving the spirit.

What would you do if not photography?

I am very close to creativity in various spheres. I like music (particularly singing), drawing, cinema, art of perfumery, literature. Perhaps I could find myself in one of these spheres if I wasn’t a photographer. And I am very happy that photography exists in this world.

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