Kristina Podobed

Odessa, Ukraine.

3 movies:

Beasts of No Nation


What We Do in the Shadows

Harry Potter

Hi, Kristina! We have already read that you photograph for yourself and find it a good way for worldwide information interchange, and how Odessa and its citizens have affected you. Nevertheless I cannot leave questions about photography. Let’s start with personal ones. Could you tell us something odd about you? 

Just like that: “something odd about me”. I am quite ordinary.

Could you proudly identify yourself as a photographer?

Yes, I am a photographer, proudly speaking.


3 books/magazines:

Yukio Mishima «Confessions of a Mask»

Umberto Eco «The Name of the Rose»

Ladislav Klima «The Sufferings of Prince Sternenhoch»

By the way, did you notice that Ukrainian photography as like as design basically differs from Russian one. How do you think what the matter is? 

Well, by the way, I didn’t notice. A photographer has a passport, that’s a fact, but I‘ve never heard photography to be “Ukrainian” one. What are the criteria? If we use geotagging it doesn’t concern “young photography” of different countries. Tula spice-cake is an example of Russian design and that’s what I understand. But it is not a young one.

Do you have favorite photographers?

Yes, I do. I like many of them. Unfortunately I hardly keep names in mind.

Is photography something beneficial for you from commercial point of view or is it just for fun?

It is my favorite “fun” that is beneficial from all possible points of view. I do what I like, after all.

How do you think what your recipe of success is?

My recipe is that I am a girl, and no one can say me no.  

Have you ever wanted to try working in other genres? In documentary photography, for example? 

I’d like to try many different things. I will define my special genre in about twenty years.

As a matter of fact your models are your friends. And how do your acquaintances who aren’t involved in photographing process react to your ironical works?

I don’t make shootings under strict scenario; rather I choose a theme and find stills while shooting. Often it happens within models interaction so there are no misunderstandings between us.  Surrounding people’s reaction is surrounding people’s reaction. I am interested in it, in other words I read comments, though I think such things shouldn’t affect the stuff you work at and the way you do it.

Do you have experience in offline space? Exhibitions, for example.

There were local ones of course. Though I would prefer making photographs for magazine feature and entering offline through this door. The exhibition time will come, I think, as soon as I define my special genre, we’ve told about it.

Do you notice how your views and photographs have been changing through years? Could you imagine your projects in ten years?

I want to believe I am gaining experience and probably becoming wiser even, but I hardly can say exactly what kind of life experience reveals in the particular photograph. In ten years my projects will become clearer for the audience and more mysterious for me.


Do political atmosphere and environment affect your photographs? Let’s imagine your photographs as they were made 20 years ago. What ideal picture could you make that time?

Film has become more expensive, that is the only one straight impact on my stills. Twenty years ago I would photograph Odessa that had vanished nowadays, and that would be great.

Could you give any advices to young photographers?

Photographers! “I heard them say we've reached Morrowind, I'm sure they'll let us go.” (from “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind” videogame)

What would you choose if not photography? 

Food, for example.

What does inspire you usually?

Google images search results.

Could you advice any Russian photographers who are worth following?

Anastasiya Lazurenko, Daria Svertilova, Vitalik Melnikov.

What are your plans for future?

I am making a lot of good photographs, and people will love me for that. It sounds probably not so ambitious, though neither one thing, nor another is a little bit simple at all as it turned out to be.

What is your favorite song?

Auktyon – It’s not late yet (Album: Bird)

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