Lisa Dedova

Moscow, Russia
Liza, could you tell me something amusing about you?

In my childhood I believed that I was Batman, and my mommy sent me to a psychiatrist. I suffer from omphalophobia – I fear belly-buttons. Once I’ve messed chap stick and glue stick.  I don’t even know if it is amusing…

Is photography your job or hobby?

Photography is my phobby. It combines traits of hobby and phobia of fail.  I often have a dream that I’m photographing and the pictures are brilliant, and then you wake up – shit, dream again. As a matter of fact I work as a photo editor, so my work is photographs of others. Though sometimes I earn bit on the side I work as a photographer/color correction artist/editor. Thanks God it happens not so regular, because money earning discourages from photographing.

What is “photography” for you?

It’s my way of cooperation with myself. Watching at just-made picture I can think over the things I felt at the moment that I have caught. Due to photography I understand myself better, I am aware of what is important for me and what is indifferent. Susan Sontag and Roland Barthes have already thought about this term instead of me.

How do you think, what personal traits are especially important for a photographer?

Personal traits are not important.

Describe this photograph, please.

Well, that was a fair-weather day in May, after office I went to Winzavod (centre for contemporary art) at varnishing-day, within that event Triumph gallery arranged Pop-up exhibition and the friend of me worked there. Ritually we drank cider and then I went to dive in labyrinth of contemporary art. After the third glass I experienced its power, after the fourth – its impotence. I remember there took place exhibitions of Bratkov and Vlad Yushkov. As for photography – exhibition by Aidan gallery under the name “Secret occupation”. I don’t know how the chair appeared and who took of the shoes, that wasn’t planned but it seemed to me to be ironic and interesting – the picture falls out its context and flows in current context of live action randomly created by people existing in exhibition space. So we got a story that could be invented by spectators. As a result spectators create their own context and become developers. In short, stories are always good.

What is your favorite photograph? Why?

From the last – this one, it’s very private.

With what music would you associate your photographs?

I don’t know, but I would like it to be a kind of shoegaze or neo-psychedelic rock where texts are full of light melancholy, friends, drugs and phrases speaking that everything could be worth. As Spacemen 3 sing in “Walkin' With Jesus”, for example. Kind of I would feel better in hell, because “…it'll be good company down there with all of my friend”.

What present-day photographers do you follow?

None of them particularly. I like what my friends photograph, but they are not photographers. I’ve collected a folder with serious photographers of present days, but I’ve lost it. There are too many of them – it’s difficult to list them. I mostly follow pavement artist: 0331c, TOY band, Stas Dobry.

What do you want to learn?

I would like to learn pottery, firing, to learn sew better, weaving, jewelry, to study theory and History of Arts, to learn design, and yoga, to know about gardening, I wish I spoke German and to know more about cinematography, and also I would like to know what should I do to make conscious choice while being consumer.

What is your future plan?

Quit the job and photograph more. Start study.

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