Aleksey Ponomarchuk

Ekaterinburg, Russia
Hi, Aleksey. Let’s start with some funny fact about you. 

In summer nights I like listening sounds of street-sweepers from opened window.

Три фотографа:

Guy Bourdin

Wolfgang Tillmans

Ren Hang

You are from Yekaterinburg. Today many people move to Moscow or Saint Petersburg. Did you think about moving?

Recently I often think of moving to Moscow. I have many friends there, there is fine scenery, and visual background is nicer.

Could you proudly define yourself as a photographer?

I have nothing to be proud of yet. 

Три фильма:

Colour of Pomegranate

Profondo rosso

The Holy Mountain

Is photography your job or hobby?

It’s my primary activity. Sometimes I photograph for local glossy and corporate magazines: Stolnik, What's The Fashion?, Architector and others. For couple of internet-portals. I worked with Afisha magazine. Once – excellent spread about hip-hop of Yekaterinburg. Next time – new year’s cover with Maiden Obey for which I will feel shame for the rest of my life..:) Sometimes I get private orders, but for portfolio I take only personal and interesting works.

How did you start photographing? Cuold you tell about your first experience: what it was, what path you followed. Did you make photographs for your friend's user profiles?

Everything began when my old friend had presented me Zenith photo camera. I developed first films and was impressed, though anything could impress me then. It would be better no to show these pictures today. I have been with photography for 7-8 years and only for 3 years as a professional. Then my friends from promo-group Tesnota made cognominal web-magazine, and later they started working at "What's The Fashion?" magazine. At the same time I photographed for a news portal and local branch of Geometry. That was the first experience of work with web and print publications. So I met photographer Amira Fritz and she invited me to assist at two fashion-projects for Wallpaper and Bolero magazines – we photographed in German Alps and in the South of Spain in Andalusia. We worked with films, medium format. There I get huge experience that helped me to leave depression and brought onto the right track.

Три книги/журнала: 

Robert Capa "Slightly Out Of Focus"

Charles Burns "Black Hole"

Your style is very recognizable. Could you tell me how it has formed?

Most commonly I photograph my friends: they are opened to me and me to them. I am very thankful to them because they impacted on me and on my style in a proper way. I would describe it as common primitivism: often pictures have occasional nature; they are similar to reporting shots in this way. But I cannot define myself neither as a reporting photographer nor fashion-photographer. Though I do like fashion, I would like to photograph more in this direction.

What do you photograph with?

I use Canon 6D, roll-film Canon AF35 ML and Ricoh GR IV. The compact and the film are in priority. By the way it doesn’t matter what you photograph with if you haven’t specified task.

What personal traits should a photographer have, in your opinion?

It seems to me that a photographer should be open-minded and be able to win people’s favor. It helps in work with models and makes life easier. Hardworking is also good, it enriches experience.

Tell about this picture.

It is Nikita, friend of mine, who is on the picture. He looks like a gigolo from the Urals, but in life he is a poet and romantic.

Where do you get inspiration?

Internet and magazines. Though if go mad you will start copying, but I want to make original works. Watched materials make me rich anyway, I expound it and it tells upon new shooting style. 

Can you show contemporary Russian photographers whose works you follow?

Sasha Favorov

Roman Mitchenko 

Sergey Rogov

Dina Lun

Ivan Klemenov 

Can you imagine an ideal picture you want to photograph?

Sometimes I write down shooting ideas and concepts in notebook. But often good photographs are born by chance, due to several facts that cannot be predicted.

If there is anything you cannot do and want to learn?

I would like to learn colour printing and put leg over neck.

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