Vadim Popov

Novorossiysk, Russia

My favourite artist is my friend, incredibly talanted and inspiring, but very lazy guy from Ulyanovsk Timur Turusbekov.





About studies: «I am not an architechture by profession, actually my profession is called «Industrial and civil engineering». It is totally about engineering so I don’t like it that much. I understand that it’s not a right time to change something at the third year of education but I try to develop myself independently in art-related spheres: learning ArchiCad, 3D Max, in other words – doing everything so my work in future won’t be a trivial and boring mechanical calculation or designing boxes for people to live in. It is my biggest fear. If I will accidently bump into a dementor from Azkaban he would probably turn into forty years old Vadim. He will have lacklustre eyes, doing work that he doesn’t like. I couldn’t live like that. So in a matter of photo composing my education is rather useless».


The Head and the Heart

Novo Amor

Sigur Ros

Song for my life:

Sigur Ros - Popplagip

About travelling: «Speaking of travelling, the situation seems to be very curious. I don’t have enough time to travel considering my intense schedule. The little time that I can get in summer to travel somewhere about two hundred kilometers away from home is the only thing that I can afford. Perhaps it is hard to believe that majority of my photographs were made in my hometown. I feel fortunate to be in such a picturesque place with a variety of nature and landscapes. I don’t have to travel somewhere far away or buy any tickets. Everything is here and the furthest is maybe an hour’s drive or even less. However I wish I could travel around the world. I always wanted to visit Iceland and it became a dream of mine. When I thought I can actually go there exchange rate stopped me suddenly and I abandoned the idea of making that journey, to my great disappointment».



Jack London «Martin Eden»

Henry David Thoreau «Walden or Life in the Woods»

Gregory David Roberts «Shantaram»

About photography: «Photography always was a very controversial subject of art for me. I often look at some famous photographs and got surprised by how in some portraits people appreciate model’s beauty much more than photographer’s skills. Later, when I managed to compose my photos in a right way and most important – to catch the light, I figured out that everything was not as easy as it seemed to be but still not too complicated as everybody said. Most of my photographs were made using old HTC 600. For me it was like some kind of amusing entertainment and nice addition to my journeys into mists and forests that I love passionately. It was an opportunity to share this beauty with someone. But now I can get inspiration from my own photographs. Recently I bought a reflex camera for myself and the main reason for that was a phone call from Eye Em – application, an analog of Instagram. I was informed that one of my photographs was chosen for sale at the London exhibition. They wrote me before but those were small things like publications in blogs or questions about the meaning of my photographs and so on. I sent my photo to the guy who called and he asked me: «What format is this? Don’t you have it in better quality? ». I tried to explain him that I had made the photograph with my phone. He was dazed to say the least but managed to stretch my photograph in Photoshop. For those who read it my words might seem arrogant but it’s not true. I’ve seen shots that were a lot better than mine and caught myself thinking that my photographs are imperfect».

About means: «Instagram is good as a resource where you can discover others and share your own work though it is not great because it spoils the quality of photo and requires to crop uploaded shot. I like Eye Em from Berlin more. Vsco is perfect for mobile photography and it has all necessary things. You just have to learn how to use it. I’ve never seen anything better for smartphones. The critical thing here, however, is a way you making photography and not in processing».

About favorite photograph: «There is one photograph that everyone likes and it spreads through the Internet, particularly Christian communities in Vkontakte (Russian social network) use it a lot.

The shot that I personally like the most was made during a journey with a friend of mine when we got into a sudden storm with heavy rain in mountains. We were hiding in a small grove at the top of the mountain and became soaked to the skin. When the rain stopped we went out of the grove and I saw absolutely marvelous rainbow over snow-white clouds. Sigur Ros played in my headphones then – it added some atmosphere and photo turned out to be amazing».



Plans for the future: «It’s easy. Continue developing in every sphere I want. The worst thing for me is to stop creating, discovering, drawing and photographing, even for a day. Everything must be filled with sense and I won’t languish in boredom until I’ll become tired of everything». 

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