Private word

Covered by platitudes, openly or secretly censored, spiced up with a pack of stereotypes, deep underneath rests something that has long been digested by generations.

It’s her. Burning heat, an illusion of shelter, biological need, continuous struggle, overwhelming tenderness, fragility, euphoria.

It’s him. A wild flow of water, intoxicating mist, invisible gesture, adaptation mechanism, a process that can’t be grasped from the outside.

It’s an unverbalized feeling, silent unity, poisonous for lust, feeling of inner fullness, complete acceptance.

Nobody can give a precise definition of it, at least because it doesn’t exist. But love…does. IKONA invited young artists to share their vision of love with the public, but once again it turned out that it is not a simple matter. It’s your turn to get acquainted with the boldest contemplations on the topic!

Margo Ovcharenko

© “Untitled. Work in progress.” 2014"


The feeling itself does not interest me that much, what really matters is its reasons and the impact it produces on people, what “is shown” to me as a photographer and observer,  and what conclusions I derive from the situation. That is why I shoot and write about it. Once my favourite professor commented on one of my shots that I didn’t manage to capture a couple, there was nothing about the boy in the photo, but only the girl’s story and how she feels about him. It was undoubtedly true. Several years have passed and shooting couples again and analyzing my photos, I realized that in relations as well as in photography there always is the domineering one who expresses his  feelings more openly.  One of the partners lured the other into being shot, because he needs material confirmation of his feelings, while the other shuns it.  One of the partners tends towards exhibitionism, while the other does not. So, it turns out that my photos always tell the story of one person and the way the other influences him.

Ksenia Smyr

© Ksenia Smyr. “A sketch about love, January 2015"


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{dich} “Falling in love one experiences eternity.”

Alexander Men{/dich}

The miracle of love lies in its endlessness. The perception of it makes you happy forever. Love cannot  run out or go away, every living creature is filled with it. If you are alone, it doesn’t mean you are lonely. Dear faces are always with you.

Love is everywhere.

“His left arm is under my head, and the right one embraces me.”

“The song of songs”

Fedor Telkov

 © Fyodor Telkov. 2014

The subject of love is inexhaustible. It is so changeable and depends on a person, situation, age and the object so much that it is impossible to define it precisely. It can only be felt. For example, recently a boy has been born to my family, and love has acquired new qualities and meanings, it displayed new properties, became more complicated and changed its shape. I think more time will pass and I will once again discover something unknown in love.


Maria Plotnikova

© Maria Plotnikova “Florianopolis, Brazil, 2013”.

Love is a very strong irrational affection to a living creature, subject or notion. Love is such a strong and deep feeling that a person who has known it but has lost it for unknown reasons often loses the sense of his life as well.

Love is one of the most important motives for personal development and the ability to use love energy constructively is indispensable to the development of society.

As my incessantly slimming sister says “so many kilos has been lost thanks to love! And so many gained!”

Igor Samolet

 ©  Igor Samolet “Blue velvet”

“I had a dream. The night I met you. There was our world in that dream and it was dark, because there were no robins in it. Robins singing about love.  And for long there has been only darkness in it. And suddenly thousands and thousands of robins broke free. They flew downwards and carried this blinding light of love with them. And it seemed to me that this love was the only thing that mattered and it was really so. And I think, it means … we’ll have some trouble until robins return.”

Blue Velvet

Feodora Kuplun

© Feodora Kuplun “Untitled, 2015”

The look of a loving one is hopelessly doomed to search for something essentially important concealed not in the object of love but in a loving one himself.


The wardrobe of the unconscious has its own doors, key holes and keys that suit it or don’t. Its contents are recognizable, but the transparency of each detail is deceptive: all the dresses are only imago-covers whose story of creation is obscure.

Being sure that he is fascinated by the object of love, the loving one addresses himself through him without any opportunity to reach beyond the mirror surface.


Nikita Pirogov

© Никита  Пирогов.


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{dich}Love is—all one’s gifts

Into the fire,--and always—for nothing!

Marina Tsvetaeva



In the long run nothing is valuable except love.

Life damages the Body

But the Soul is beyond its powers

The Soul is vapour, a hot being

The body – is heat.
The Reason is a cold substance.


Love conquers everything

By forgiveness and acceptance

Love understands every
Imperfection of reality.


The Body demands and shouts like a newborn.

The Body plunges one into weakness,

The Soul is silent and remembers, and retains.
Sometimes it flies and protects by its resistance


From the outer strivings of Body.


I fell and thought I would never

Rise up.

But, probably, it is

The other way round.

Rising up

Means living.

Internal awakening.