Stas Kalashnikov

Moscow, Russia
How old are you? Where did you study or are studying now?

I am 22, I graduated majoring in land management. I am a surveying engineer in this way. It is a very boring work which allows people to use maps, navigation and other stuff. Actually I am just a guy from province and the only thing that education helped me with is an opportunity to move to Moscow and so on.


3 designers/artists/photographers:

Anton Bundenko (he is a designer, an artist and a photographer, and I like all his works)

Eric Panov (one of the most fresh and interesting photographers from Russia)

Gosha Rubchinsky (my favorite designer from Russia)

Is photography a hobby or a main work you devote all of yourself to?

I tried to do different things in my life, with guys we rode on board a lot, went to Murmansk and other cities, I tried to work in advertising and by profession also, but all these were so boring and I forgot about it and started photographing all my spare time.

What did it happen with and how long has it been lasting?

I think it all started in my childhood, but I bought a camera only two years ago. Before it I was always wandering why there were no photographs that would please me. Even now there is nothing interesting in Russia. I like what’s happening with photography in Paris and London. In Moscow there are only five guys that I like and they have unique styles. For example, in Paris and London there are about 30 people, you can open any issue of I’D Magazine and you’ll see the difference.

3 favorite musicians:


Paul Woolford



Do you remember your first experiments? What it was and what was your way in photography? Did you photograph any profile pictures for your friends?

I’ve been photographing a lot and searching girls in social networks by myself. I had no portfolio and I was photographing those who accepted my offer. Later I began to work for free with some agencies and they allowed me to use their studios for my photo shoots. In my turn, I made some test photos for their models. I tried not to refuse any opportunity that I was able to get that time.

How did you succeed in fashion-photography? Do you consider yourself as a successful photographer in this sphere?

No one has a lot of money and so did I, but I spent a lot to rent studios and make photographs for models 4-6 times a week. You know about the situation in fashion-industry in Russia and almost nothing in it interests me. Though there are guys from Afisha and some other magazines who try to do something really beautiful.

3 favorite film directors:

Bernardo Bertolucci

Louis Garrel

Francois Ozon

Do you have any special «type» of people that inspires you to make photographs?

Yes, I think I have a special type of models. Many people notice these slightly strange and extraordinary looking girls in my photographs.

Where do you like to photograph most – indoors, in the street or somewhere else?

I like to photograph in the streets and indoors too. It depends on what I want to make. For example, in Paris I like to photograph in streets and in different places: workshops, apartments, showrooms.

3 favorite books/magazines:

Dansk Magazine


Do you prepare models and their dresses for photo shoots yourself or do you rely on stylists?

As for models I can say that I always did everything myself. I bought dresses, for example, asked my friends and then dressed a model myself. I still have a half of my portfolio with my own style. Now I have three favorite stylists and I trust them absolutely and like to work with them – we have 100% understanding.

How do you think if you started to photograph 10 years ago would you photographs be different? What do you think about an impact of time on your photographs and your style?

I’ve been photographing for two years and I think everything has its time so I don’t want to think of past – I am basically content with all and I don’t regret anything. But eventually I notice that my photographs are changing, for example, every month I delete half of what I did before. I constantly update something new and delete something too. I generally think I’m not ready to show everything I have, I am not quite satisfied with everything and I’ll continue to develop.

Don’t you want to try to discover yourself in another style?

Speaking of another style I just want to try something joint with artists and guys who make awesome things, for example, Anton Bundenko, I think you know him.

Is there something you would never photograph?

In this regard I decided everything and made up my mind a year ago. I would never photograph something connected with religion, politics. I surely don’t photograph things I don’t like.

Do you have any advice to those who want to begin photographing?

An advice to those who want to begin – take your camera and photograph as much as you can – then you will understand if it’s yours or not.  Also, now I have a few students and it would be a good advice in the beginning to find someone who could teach you basics and show how everything works. It allows minimizing your learning time.

What are your plans for the future? 

My plans for the future are to photograph a lot, collaborate with interesting brands and try to photograph in Berlin and Milan. We will see how things will turn out.

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