Nikita Pirogov

Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Ricardo Cases

Daido Moriyama

Aleksey Kuzmichev


Tell us about yourself, please

I like water. I like to swim in broad open waters.


How long have you been taking up photography? Is it your hobby or a main work you devote all of yourself to?

I’ve been taking up photography since 2007. I photograph when I have an inspiration or write poetry. 

Do you have an education in photography? Do you think it is important to have an education in this sphere? 

I was studying at IED Madrid. It is an institute of design with branches all over the world. I was studying in Madrid and I think it was important for sure but I could not finish it yet. The process of self-education is more important. It is important to watch and read about photography.

What did attract you in photography? What do you like in it most of all?

Photography – light printing, found and saved.  I like the way you can give life to something that already exist and see different edges of what you’ve already seen using photography. Kind of a rebirth of already existing essence and its recognition.


Thomas Barquee - Lila

Fleet Foxes - Mykonos

King David Psalms


“On photography” and diaries - Susan Sontag

“I and Thou” - Martin Buber

Symbol and Consciousness” - Merab Mamardachvili

Alexander Pyatigorskiy

Blog, site:


“Anton is right here” Lyubov Arkus

“The Dance of Reality” Alejandro Jodorowsky

“Deli's dance” Ivan Viripaev

What do you photograph on?

The main camera is Canon 5D but I don’t constrain myself with it, sometimes I photograph on different cameras that I take from my friends – from middle and large formats to mobile phone and film cameras.

Do you shoot any commercial photographs?

Once I photographed my friend’s wedding and once – a story for magazine. It is difficult.

Tell us your three principles as a photographer.

Watch-see-know – the main circuit you have to keep in mind. Watch at something to see something and then know something about what you’re photographing. It is a rule that I learned from my grandfather-teacher when I was taking painting lessons. There are interesting things happening in the periphery of photography and painting.

Never «take» and try to «give» through an act of photographing, but not to violate the borders of what you’re photographing. Vera Barkalova taught me this

Be careful.

Why do you think everyone is so absorbedly and deeply interested in Russian culture recently? 

Maybe its time has come.

Is there a photographer who is close to your way of thinking? Which of his techniques inspires you most?

I like Alexander Slyusarev, he is a Light, God rest his soul. I like the dynamics of Ryan McGinley. Also, I like Anastasia Tsayder. The list is endless and I like a lot of things. I can’t be sure about techniques but I like person’s or author’s approach to his photographs. I try to believe in my feelings – it either touches me, or not.

Is there a super-aim or any plans for the future?

Apparently I am leaving country soon. My plans are to continue photographing and writing, take it to the next level, see and discover new horizons.

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