Dima Semenovykh

Moscow, Russia
How old are you? Where did you study or are studying now? Where are you from and where do you live today?

I am 24. I graduated from Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering and my specialty is structural-engineering. I still could not figure out if it’s a university or an institute. My hometown is city-hero Votkinsk and I live in a swamp-city Moscow.

Tell us whatever you want about yourself, please.

Only for a hot dog.

Is photography your hobby or a main work you devote all of yourself to?

In Russia people are liars who say they take in photogaphy only. Believe me, they either sell something or have an illegal casino. Everyone except Kaidash, of course.

Do you have an education in photography? Do you think it is important to have one?

«The Matrix» (1999) and «The Matrix Reloaded» on 15 inch Rolsen display were my teachers in photography. Speaking of education, I think it is personal for everyone because everyone has different aims and reasons. Someone collects faves on Frickr, someone photographs lookbooks and someone will have to sell his works at the exhibition tomorrow – all these people can’t board one bus and go learn their craft. At least one of them will ask driver to stop the bus or just jump out of the window.

What do you photograph on?

Film point-and-shoot cameras with zoom. I lost my last Contax TVS a year ago on vacation but my wife gave me a new Yashica T Zoom on my birthday so now I am learning to use this two and a half buttons.

What do you like the most in photography?

Free alcohol at the openings of exhibitions.

How can you define your style? How do you notice such absurd little things in life? In which situations do you make your photographs?

Periodically my forefinger starts to itch and I scratch it with camera’s shutter button. My style? «Fleestylo wakamakafone», I would say.

Tell us your three principles as a photographer.

Buy films

Scan films



What you can't do, but want to learn?

Do you have a photographer who inspires you? What is your favorite technique?

Overlord Industrial friend.

Tell us about this photograph, please.

Masha has a nursery at her country house. I’ve even slept there, if my memory serves me.

Do you have a super-aim for the future?

Change sex and move to Siberia.

If you could listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

4’33 by John Cage. Thank you.

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