Dina lun

Moscow, Russia
How long have you been taking up photography and how has it started?

I began to shoot on film when I was at school – I was constantly skipping school so I could spend more time in darkroom. I brought my shoots to my teachers saying: «do you see why I don’t like math?». Strangely enough, I graduated from school with good grades.
Actually, photography runs in our family – uncle and grandpa were into b&w photography and I knew how to develop and print a film myself since I was a child.

Wolfgang Tillmans

Viviane Sassen

Ann Veronica Janssens

Slavs and Tatars

There are a lot of plants and fruits in your photographs. Why is it so? Is it a concept or maybe it’s a reflection of what you’re doing and what you like?

Actually, it is a global trend. But, seriously, - besides the impact Plant Journal and Wilder magazines had on me, my photographs could be self-portraits in a way. It is a known thing – even when you photograph others you photograph yourself, eventually. Someone like bodies and faces more and I like plants, cactuses and fruits.

Is there something or someone who impacts on your art?

Of course, generally everything that surrounds me and what I’m contacting with impacts on my art. Especially travelling, interesting people, places, music, movies, books and magazines.

What do you do besides it? Tell us about your other projects, please.

All other projects are in its infancy and it’s too early to say something about it. I hope it’ll speak for itself a little later.


Auction – Hunter



ТWere you studying at Britanka (British higher school of art and design)? What did you study and what are the features of this education?

I like to go through a digital detox in my blog Organica Magazine


I was getting an additional education in Britanka. Despite the fact that our course was an experimental in some way (our group was the first), everything was on high level – complete immersion in environment from theory to practice. And huge library and super-responsive curators in addition. Concepts like «research», «moodboard» and «sketchbook» came to my life due to Britanka. I am thinking of this school with nostalgia and sadness. Unfortunately, I could not finish it – I was studying at the Institute of contemporary art in parallel and I lost my brain trying to combine it. 

Photography is more of a hobby f-or you, isn’t it?

Yes, and I am trying my best to hold it in this sphere. My experience shows that as soon as a hobby becomes your job, it stops being interesting.


What do you usually photograph on?
Favorite movies:

Muratova's early works

I use digital camera and Polaroid rarely. In the main – film Olympus and Contax.

Do you have a particular photograph that you can select among all others and have something special connected to it?

I can’t explain why, but these two photographs brought back my desire to make photographs.


What contemporary Russian photographers do you like?

I like many of them, but I can select three people who inspire me most – Kirill Savchenkov, Synchrodogs and Sasha Kurmaz. The last ones are from Ukraine, as you see.

Do you have a workplace?

Unfortunately my workplace now is every flat or nearly flat surface where I can place my laptop. In my rhythm of a constant travelling having a permanent workplace is an unattainable dream.

So, you are travelling a lot. What place do you remember most?

Last two years I am in a constant travelling mode and it’s hard to select one particular place – I equally remember climbing on a mountain in Nepal, crazy rhythm of life in India, lazy life in the valley in the north of Thailand and inspirational cultural life of Berlin.


You wrote me once about a band Usssy. What is this band and what’s your connection to it?

My boyfriend played in Usssy when it existed – guitarist Artem Galkin left it first and then Pasha himself decided to start his own solo-project called Holy Palms. Concept and music are the same – cosmos, psychedelic, orient. (I’ve overheard this statement in a restroom during Pasha’s last performance).

Do you have any plans for the future? In which side do you want to go and progress and do you have a super-aim?

Maybe I have something subconsciously but I’ve decided to enjoy every moment now and don’t make any super-plans and super-aims. By and large, all these aims, ways and so-called future don’t exist or perhaps exist only in our head.