Artem Mishukov

Moscow, Russia
Hello, Artem. Tell us about yourself a little, please.

It’s difficult for me to answer this question now.

3 artists:

Lobanov Alexander Pavlovich

Kikki Smith


How could you describe genre of your works?

Today it can be described as a «Glorification Of The Universe». It is a very fine and honorable genre and it seems to be right. Time to time I work in a «psychedelic joke» style with mushrooms and mushroom pickers in it.

Is there something or someone who had impacted on your art?

We’re all synchronized with everything; something has an effect on us, and we have an effect on something else – it’s like a flood. Man always asks himself: «What am I doing and why?» and it is the same in art. Some events just push you to it. All of these impacted on my art so much that I even burned down a lot of my works.

3 favorite songs:

Aquarium - «Sitting on the Beautiful Hill»

Andrey Kotov, Segrey Starostin, Vladimir Volkov, Leonid Fedorov - «Gluboko»

Umka and Bronevichok - «People about fourty»

Where do you get your ideas from?

In different ways. Sometimes you just understand that it’s a right time. And you get  message: «It’s hightime to make a collage with mushroom, Artem!».

You have a lot of works with internal parts of human body. Why does this theme interest you?

There is always a main character in collages – usually it is a human. But internal parts of body and their positions have more meaning than just body parts by themselves, it is like a gesture that expresses something. Together all of these turn into some kind of story.

3 книги:

Ken Wilber "Grace and Grit"

P. Pepperstein, S. Anufriev, «Mithogenic love of casts».

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes from everywhere.

What tools do you use in your work? What is your favorite material or technology? 

I use clippings from old magazines, books, newspapers in my collages; I carefully collect them and keep it on files like «colored people», «b&w plants» and «colored mushrooms». I like the smell of oil paint; I like photography for its simplicity. Sometimes I also use natural materials; I use things that me and my wife collect in forest – moss, bones, stones, dry mushrooms, bugs, bullet cases and feathers – we have lots of them. These are my favorite materials and they are so beautiful by themselves that we sometimes can’t decide what to do with it.

Do you have a favorite work?

Yes, it’s called «What I’ve found in forest». It reminds me of summer walks when I had a lot of free time and it moved so slowly, when you just lie on grass and look on swaying tree and on a pond.

Tell us about this collage.

I can’t say anything clear – mushrooms are growing, children are looking at crystal and drawing something. Everything seems to be fine. It looks like someone’s old memories about childhood.

How do you earn money and does it connect with your art somehow or it is difficult to be an artist in our country?

I have a remote job in TVcompany and also some passive income, so it gives me freedom. Speaking about being artist – I don’t really know, there are many different stories. But IKEA still sells photo prints and people still buy it.

Is there something you can’t do but want to learn?

I want to learn beekeeping, ecological building, basket weaving, soap-making, horse riding, shooting and other crafts.

What are your plans for the future?

Move to a countryhouse and become a farmer. 

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