Nina Stadnik

Moscow, Russia
Hi, Nina! Adverting to origins, how has it happened that you and illustration are side by side?

Hi. I wouldn’t say that I and illustration are side by side. I go in advance, and illustration walks in the rear. But if you ask the illustration the same question it probably would say that it was me who walked in the rear. It is a long story, but I’m happy to be there where I am. Indeed I am still going there and the illustration is accompanying me.

Do you have a visible aim, certain level that you want to achieve, or it’s just a process as it is that drives you to obscurity?

I am not used to planning further than 3 days. But I like to be in work, I work hard, and to dream a lot when I walk down a street or on the subway ride. I am sure that it is better not to be shy and to dream of a big cake otherwise if you doubt a lot what to take an apple or a cucumber fortune will offer you a quash as it could be something average.{/interview_answer}

One of your works is called “The calendar of made-up holidays”. Is every day for you also a holiday? And what kind of emotions stimulates you in creation process: positive ones or negative ones, or balance of both is an ideal combination?

{interview_answer}New experience is the best. It is always pleasant when somebody is ready to wash your brushes while you are going in for art or dancing. However you’d better washed your brushes by yourself especially if you do it for someone else. When I was 16 I was so fall in love that all pages of my notebooks were covered with drawings. I am in love today and Facebook and Behance are overfilled now, I hope I will be still in love when I’m 100, I would draw in open space and aliens would click “Likes”. By the word “in love” I mean that in my rucksack there are a lot of emotions. Once in childhood I had stricken a man with a badminton racket. But recently when I got intention to strike somebody with a badminton racket I sit down at the table. I even don’t remember when it called on me last time; perhaps, I just don't play badminton anymore.

Speaking about your diploma project which was devoted to human ideality and non-ideality, was it a mockery of phantom ideality or sorrow at human’s non-ideality and impossibility of ideality achievement?

Hum, I haven’t dug so deep frankly speaking.  I endeavor to avoid philosophy. When I was 17 I liked to show off my intelligence; I wish somebody had interviewed me then. So then I had to conduct philosophical conversations with such “ideal” guys. Though today I can make different diplomas and communicate through them.

How do you communicate with so called audience?

Not long ago strangers began writing me that they like what I do. I am very pleased, but I hardly understand it. I answer to all of them. But they don’t recognize me in the streets and don’t throw in the air as they do with well-known soccer players. So it is too early to speak about serious communication. In general I experience difficulties in communication, my jokes frighten some people away, but I do my best to keep going.

As a participant of Tipatzeha band tell how you communicate within the team? Is it difficult to achieve agreement?

I always thought that I am not about cooperation. I used to count myself as an Indian or vagrant Gipsy. It turned out to be that even the Gipsy might cooperate if they met interesting buddies. Today Tipatzeha is the most important project for me. Communication is steady and we do appreciate what have happened and do our best to work further. By the way on the 23th of October at 15:00 we are reading our first lecture at book illustration festival called Mors. It takes 1 minute sometimes or 15 minutes other time to find general solution; but on the whole we are rapid enough. We are speedy birdies. Though someone of us is a Gipsy… I try not to stick labels on people but I cannot get rid of this school habit.

Lecture is a serious thing (or not?). And there is not only communication through illustrations in it, but also a verbal communication. Do you have something you always wanted to share with audience by means of drawing or words?

My friend recently retold me some film (I have to ask for retelling because I watch too little), where characters told that everything in life was for the “major”. You study for the “major”. You work hard for the “major”, and get married also for the “major”. Well, everything is for the “major”. But I don’t know what the “major” is at all. So I would tell audience about the “minor”, and they should understand the “prime” by themselves. A lecture is not a joke. A man takes subway, searches a way on map, comes in, and then listens to nonsense, and he or she thinks – damn, why I’ve come, I wish I had stayed at home. Very competent specialist should give a lecture. If you want to listen to something concrete and to see serious lecturer you’d better not visiting our lecture. As I said that’s going to be our first experience, so even I don’t know how it will happen. I think we are saying about our project because we are seem to be ready to share, to show and even to advise something.

Aha! You watch not too much, so cinema is not in your sphere of interests. So do you have any passions-amusements? Do they have an effect on your love for illustration?

Well, I watch, not every evening, once a year. I like Miyazaki’s animation, Mononoke-hime, for example. Though, if look into, its esthetics is not congenial to me and the idea scares me away, but there is something inviting and hypnotic in it, that makes you love it. I like “Vam I ne snilos” (“You haven’t dream about”, the soviet movie directed by Iliya Frez, 1980). I have loved it since I had watched it being 8 years old. One of the favorite books from the latest is “Just kids” by Patti Smith. I always promise myself to give up buying new books because I just have no room for them, but yesterday for example I bought “Who Will Comfort Toffle?” by Tove Jansson. I can count my interests for a long time, but they don’t have effect on my illustration. Both my 2-years studies under cool people and my personality have effect on my illustration. And also my interest in people has effect.  All the time I make notes and mass of sketches; all of them are people’s stories. And about me of course, I am also part of people.

In the ending, I wonder if Keith Haring is a shy foureyes or pop-art genius.?

He is a genius. And I am the shy foureyes though I don’t wear spectacles.